Coaches & Groups

First Touch's Vinny Jones(Jamie Black) listens and learns from coach Bidge Clark

At First Touch we aim to maximise the potential talent of each and every one of our players who move through our carefully designed coaching programme. To be able to achieve that outcome it is important that we identify and recruit those youngsters who we consider have the potential to develop their talent and respond positively within our coaching environment, an environment where they can learn and have fun at the same time.  

With plenty of years experience coach Des McCole passes on his knowledge to our Under 10 players

Our dedicated team of coaches, combining youth and experience, work closely together to ensure our organisation of coaching is of the highest standards. We have an age appropriate comprehensive technical programme which has a guided repetition style of coaching where players are exposed to a number of technical sessions on a consistent basis. The sessions replicate situations which occur during games, specific to a player’s general role on the field. We mix technical ball warm ups with small sided games during our sessions and a large emphasis is placed on the development of the “whole player”.  

Fitness coach Mick Harrington

At First Touch our older players are encouraged to attend the fitness sessions under the watchful eye of fitness coach Mick Harrington. Mick is also a coach at Greenock Glenpark Harriers as well as Gourock YAC Under 15’s where his son and former First Touch player Jack is now playing. Mick says


“This season, fitness will have greater significance as First Touch moves to playing in leagues. Speak to any former player or their parents and I am sure you will be told that those who are the fittest – not the most skillful – spend more time in the game. Fitness can be the difference between winning and losing. So I would actively encourage any parent / guardian with kids who are showing an interest in or flair for running, to get along and join a club (you can also get involved and improve your own fitness). The kids who do this show a great improvement not only in their football but in their overall fitness and health. Again if anyone has any queries regarding running or general fitness, come and see me at any of the coaching sessions or you can contact me on 07941 095101″. 




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